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Proposed 20mph Area Tannery Drift, Royston

We are proposing a 20mph area in your locality. Where existing speeds are over 24mph, the implementation of a 20mph area will require traffic calming measures to reduce and control speed to the appropriate levels and ensure self-compliance.

Average vehicle speeds have been measured and are above this threshold. Traffic calming measures are, therefore, required and are shown on the preliminary drawing overleaf. The proposal follows national guidance and complies with the County Council’s Speed Management Strategy.

1. Do you support the creation of a 20mph area on Tannery Drift and adjoining roads?


2. Do you support the establishment of a road humps on Tannery Drift?


3. Personal Information
Note – your personal details will not be shared publicly, it is helpful if we know where you live in order to analyse your specific feedback in context with those made from the wider area.