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YC Hertfordshire Consultation Survey - Partners and Workforce

YC Hertfordshire provides youth work projects and programmes, information, advice, careers guidance, work related learning, outdoor education and support for young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 for young people with learning disabilities). For young people leaving care, support is provided to the age of 21. For further information regarding services provided please visit www.ychertfordshire.org

Following a brief consultation in November 2017, YC Hertfordshire (part of HCC Children’s Services) has begun a remodelling process to further develop its prevention and early intervention approach to support young people in Hertfordshire.  Following initial feedback the Service has identified as priorities: work with young people who are challenged in education, their community or home life in order to ensure access to a range of opportunities enjoyed by their peers and a successful transition to adulthood.  YC Hertfordshire will continue to deliver externally funded contracts such as the National Citizen Service and its traded portfolio of services to support schools, colleges and education providers.
YC Hertfordshire has a key part to play in prevention and improving outcomes contributing to the County’s vision and priorities for young people and the Families First Continuum of Need & Support. The review and its implementation will be phased over two years to allow for service remodelling processes and workforce development, including consultation with the workforce, partners and young people.

  • YC Hertfordshire will deliver targeted prevention and early intervention.
  • YC Hertfordshire will expand its age range to those between 11 and 17 and with vulnerable young adults up to the age of 25.
  • YC Hertfordshire is committed to continuing to deliver its traded work with schools, colleges and in other settings and look for opportunities to expand its range of services.

The main focus of the work of YC Hertfordshire will be:
  • Education, skills and progression to employment, reducing NEETs and developing independence.
  • Physical, sexual and mental health - achieving emotional well-being, resilience and reducing the risk of self-harm.
  • Diversion from crime, reducing gang association, youth violence, child sexual exploitation and supporting the out of court disposals process.
  • Project work with young people in their communities and to address specific issues or challenges faced by them.
  • The voice of the young person and co-production.
  • Integration within the Families First Prevention & Early Help Multi-Agency Model.
  • Strong links with partners, including the voluntary sector and district / borough councils, to coordinate and enhance the wider local youth offer.

We want to hear your views on our proposed changes. We will use all responses to help inform the changes we make to services. The consultation will be available from 8 May to 3 June 2018.

You can tell us what you think by:
  • Completing this online consultation questionnaire.
  • If you would like support understanding this information or would like it in a different format please email yc@hertfordshire.gov.uk