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Families First Portal - Practitioner Toolkit


Many of you, as practitioners, use web links and local templates in your daily professional lives to speed up your processes and/or working practices.

You may have one or more resources that you currently use which would be of benefit to other practitioners too.  This form allows you to provide us with details about those resources.

The Families First Portal has a section designed solely for practitioners' use and the purpose of this toolkit area is to facilitate the sharing of best practice so practitioners have a central resource access point.

All submissions will be reviewed for suitability prior to upload to the Families First portal.

If you have any queries, please contact workforcedevelopment.familiesfirst@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Service information / advice/ guidance to be added to the Families First Portal for practitioners

Please ensure:
  • That if you are using information from other sources that we have the permissions to re-use this information.
  • Ensure you use separate templates for each piece of information or resource you are submitting details of.
  • Please complete all fields as fully as possible.
  • For any attachments to be included on the record / information, please name these clearly and uniformly and ensure they are of the smallest file size possible for the web. If possible please add documents that cannot be altered e.g PDF .


1. Please enter the name of the tool or resource here:


2. What is the level of need that the resource is aimed at? Please tick all that apply


3. Please give a brief description of the tool or resource (limit 200 words)

e.g. My Teen Brain focuses on a key stage of brain development and highlights how changes in the adolescent brain, in conjunction with experience and environment, can affect emotions, relationships, behaviours, sleep and attitudes to risk. The booklets are available online but support the one day multi-agency training.


4. What did you find most useful about this tool or resource?


5. What tips or hints would you give to another practitioner using this?