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Family Centre Service parent feedback questionnaire

The Hertfordshire Family Centre Service provides services to children and young people and includes Family Support Services, Health Visiting and School Nursing. 

This short survey has been developed to understand your experiences of the current service and the support families with young children in Hertfordshire require, thank you for your time.

1. What is the most important part of the Family Centre Service to you? *


2. Does the following support provided by the Family Centre Service work best in person, online or both? *

in persononlinebothN/A
Group activities
1:1 support
Reviews with a Health Visitor
General Advice
Health advice
Development Advice
Parental advice/support
Signposting to services
SEND advice and services (e.g. Early Adventures, SEND Café/Drop in)
Parent or carer physical health, mental health, or financial advice

3. Does the Family Centre Service website meet your needs?

www.hertsfamilycentres.org *


4. How do you access information about Family Centre Services?

(please tick all that apply) *


5. How would you prefer to contact the following services? *

Opening times and location details
Updates on what services, courses and groups are available
To book onto courses or groups
For specific advice or 1:1 support
The availability of healthy start vitamins
Health visitor
Family support worker

6. Do you feel satisfied that you can access support and information from the Family Centre Service no matter the age/stage of your child? *


7. Where would you go for health-related advice and support?

(tick all that apply) *


8. Has the Family Centre helped you connect with another organisation or service? *