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Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme


Sign up to be Breastfeeding Friendly in Hertfordshire!

Thank you for your interest in joining Hertfordshire’s Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme.

By joining, you are committing to encourage and support breastfeeding mums to:
  • Help families to feel confident breastfeeding out and about
  • Offer a welcoming and comfortable place for feeding babies/young children
  • Encourage fellow businesses and organisations to be more breastfeeding friendly and help raise awareness about the benefit and barriers to breastfeeding
  • Protect breastfeeding mothers in the event of any public criticism

You are agreeing to support the aims of the scheme and to take the following steps to raise awareness and support the scheme in your business/organisation/ premises.
  1. Ensure all employees/volunteers are aware of the requirements of the scheme and have read the ‘Information for staff /volunteers’ document provided as part of the pack.
  2. Display the breastfeeding friendly posters, certificate of commitment and decals in your premises
  3. Make sure all staff are aware of the law in relation to mothers feeding in public and that they know a mother must never be asked to stop feeding her baby in a place she is legally entitled to be. A friendly welcome is key.

Our ‘Breastfeeding Friendly guidance contains all the information you should need to implement the scheme in your business or venue.  Please take time to read it and to discuss with staff/volunteers why you have joined and the difference it could make to families.

All available at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/breastfeedingfriendly
Once you have joined the scheme we may use your contact details provided to ask if you have any feedback to share, good news or concerns. You can email any comments or questions to breastfeedingfriendly@hertfordshire.gov.uk

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