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User Voice Survey


1. Have you been supported by any of the following services?
(Tick all that apply)


2. Which option below best describes the service you have received from this organisation?


3. Which district did you receive this service from?


4. Which service user type do you come under?
(Tick all that apply)


5. Did they support you to access appropriate information?


6. Did they support you in a way that has reduced feelings of social isolation?


7. Did they support you in a way that has improved feeling of self-worth & mental wellbeing?


8. Was the service you used user lead?


9. What do you believe is missing from this service? / How could we improve this service?


10. Would you be interested in attending discussion groups in your local area, that provide feedback and help to share service user experience to inform the county council’s decisions on the design and delivery of services?