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This application form is for those who would like to sign up for half a term of taster lessons and the free loan of an instrument.

How the taster sessions work

Each week, your child will receive tuition from a music teacher and will borrow an instrument free of charge whilst they take part in the project.

To make the most of this opportunity we would ask that the instrument is taken home between the taster sessions for students to practice and demonstrate their new skills to their family. To ensure the instrument is kept safe and in good condition you need to read and agree to the information below.

What is expected of parents/carers?

You may feel worried about your child bringing an instrument into your home, however we would like to encourage this so that you can hear how they are getting on. Musical instruments can be expensive and need to be looked after. Just follow the simple tips below to avoid any mishaps and get the best out of the instrument and music lessons. 

Any accidental damage will be covered by HMS. In the case of malicious damage or if the instrument is sold/donated a charge for the repair or the replacement of the instrument would be applied. HMS teachers will have spare instruments and parts and can often fix minor issues at school to avoid any break in the learning.
  • Play the instrument for a few minutes every day – little and often is best.
  • Make sure the instrument is stored safely at home, away from radiators, direct sunlight, pets and very young children.
  • Keep the instrument in the case provided when not being played.
  • Transport the instrument safely between home and school, in the case provided, on the correct day.
  • If something does go wrong – never try and fix it yourself. Simply inform the music teacher and bring the instrument to the next music lesson as usual.

How can I help my child?

You don’t need to be a musician or have any experience with music at all to support your child’s musical learning at home. You just need to be their biggest fan!

Simply listen to them play and allow them to demonstrate their new skills to you. Everyone starts somewhere and the smiles, encouragement and applause you give, even after a few squeaky or scratchy notes, can make all the difference to the confidence and progress for your child.

What about confidentiality?

Your survey responses will be returned directly to Hertfordshire Music Service (HMS), part of Hertfordshire County Council who will process and store your data in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy Policy is available here. It will be stored in accordance with the county council’s Data Protection Policy.