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Hertfordshire County Council Emergency Contraception Survey

Hertfordshire County Council has the responsibility for providing a number of sexual health and contraceptive services to people living in Hertfordshire. This includes the provision of free Emergency Contraception (also known as the ‘morning after pill’) from registered Pharmacists for women 24 years or younger.

 To have a better understand the contraception needs of women living in Hertfordshire, we have compiled an online questionnaire. The results will provide a better insight into why women use Emergency Contraception and the quality of the service provided. The findings of this survey will help improve the information and support offered, especially when women accessed Emergency Contraception. 

Your views are important to us. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please answer as honestly as possible.

The questionnaire is anonymous and we don’t require your name.
To complete this survey, you must live in Hertfordshire and  have used Emergency Contraception within the last 12 months.


1. When in the last 12 months did you use Emergency Contraception? *


2. Do you live in Hertfordshire?


3. Please enter the first three digits of the postcode of where you are currently living in Hertfordshire *


4. What is your age? *