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Early years SEN and disability: A review supporting access and inclusion.

This survey is not intended for parents. A separate parent survey will be available soon.

This review is intended to support local areas in setting priorities for SEN and disability in the early years. It is designed to support self-review through:

• Reflection on and discussion of local policy and practice: what’s working well and not so well, locally;
• The discussion of evidence: how you know it’s working well or not so well; and
• The identification of local early years priorities.

The review is set out in 7 sections:

1. Data
2. Identification
3. Parental engagement
4. The local offer
5. Staff, skills and expertise
6. Funding arrangements
7. Joint working

The review is simple to complete:

• It presents a series of statements and asks you to agree or disagree with each of them;
• It then asks you to consider the evidence that you have to support the view you have expressed. This is where most of the discussion will be focused;
• Then the review asks you to say whether this aspect is a priority that needs to be addressed in your local area;
• At the end of each section there is an optional other box so that, if you identify, through discussion, an issue that is not highlighted in the review, this issue can be added in.

The priorities that are identified will enable a local action plan to be developed.

It is also important to recognise that this is not intended to provide a comprehensive local audit. Rather it focuses on issues that have been identified by local authorities and their partner agencies as being current ‘tricky’ issues in access and inclusion in the early years.