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HMS Music Services Request Form 2024-25

  • Please request music services for next year via the online form.
  • Your Regional Manager will confirm arrangements for any requested services for 2024-25 during the summer term 2024.  If we are unable to meet any of your requests, your Regional Manager will inform you of this as soon as possible and discuss any potential alternative options.

Deadline for Applications

Friday 29 March 2024.

We cannot guarantee that requests received after the deadline will be processed and organised in time to start in September 2024.

1. Name of school *


2. Name and role of person completing this form *


3. Email address *


4. I confirm that the music subject lead has been consulted with in advance of completing this form. *


5. Please provide us with the name of the best person to contact about this request. *


6. School subsidised instrumental / vocal lessons are a valuable way of supporting specific students using school funding (e.g. Pupil Premium).
You may choose to pay the full cost or a percentage of the fees of instrumental/vocal lessons for individual students, including those studying towards GCSE or A Level music. *


7. My school would like the same services that we’re currently receiving next year, subject to availability.
Please note, by selecting this option you will not have the option to select additional services using this form. *

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