OPPD and EIT Teams eSurvey
Hertfordshire Careline is committed to developing a wide range of assistive technology services to promote independent living. We would therefore very much welcome your professional views on the kinds of issues that you frequently encounter so that we can develop services that meet the needs of the elderly and disabled residents of Hertfordshire.

Please take 10 minutes of your time to complete this simple survey.

Thank you.

1. Please rank the following issues in terms of how regularly your service users' present them:
(1 being most presented and 13 being least presented)


2. Please rank the following issues in terms of their impact on your service users' ability to live independently and/or their carer(s):
(1 being most impact and 13 being least impact)


3. What percentage of your service users' reside in sheltered or retirement living accommodation:


4. In general, do you find that those in your care to have complex physical or mental health needs?