Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for people who get a Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget

The Government has made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) free of charge to Direct Payment and Personal Health Budget users until March 2022.

This PPE is being distributed free of charge on behalf of Department of Health and Social Care. This is on the basis that the PPE provided is:
  • To cover additional PPE your Personal Assistant (PA) needs due to Covid
  • Not for usual items (such as gloves) that you may have been using before Covid
  • PPE is used in line with national guidance
  • Cannot be sold onwards
  • For Hertfordshire residents (residents in other localities should contact their own local authority, available here)

Privacy Notice
Why we need your information
The data on this form is being gathered for the purpose of processing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) delivery order requests for Hertfordshire County Council service users who take Direct Payments to arrange services themselves. Hertfordshire County Council will use this information to ensure PPE is ordered and distributed effectively and efficiently.
This is in line with our responsibilities under the Care Act 2014 and Children’s Act 1989, to provide services which support your care and well-being and safety of children.
The information you have provided will be used to allow us to fulfil these duties and  responsibilities. 

What we will do with your information
The information you give us will be processed by Hertfordshire County Council and will only be used to provide the service you are contacting us about.
We may also share information with third parties if we are legally obliged to do so, for example if it necessary to safeguard or protect a child. 
We may also share information with the police or other agencies if it is necessary for the following purposes:
a) the prevention or detection of crime 
b) the apprehension or prosecution of offenders
c) the assessment or collection of any tax or duty or any imposition of a similar nature

How long we will keep your information
Information relating to your PPE order(s) will be kept for seven years as part of your social care records.

1. Are you happy to receive free PPE based on the above information? *