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Rickmansworth- High Street Recovery

We would like to understand your experience of Rickmansworth town centre since the start of the experimental measures. We would also like to know what aspects you like, dislike and what could be improved. This feedback will be used to improve the scheme as well as determine public support for keeping the measures permanently.

During the trials no motor vehicles can enter the High Street between certain times. When the roads are closed, access will be maintained for emergency services. This scheme provides more space for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the high street.

The trial will see if vehicle movements in the town centre have reduced. It will also:
  • manage parking in the high street
  • prioritise provision of parking spaces for disabled people and for loading
  • stop vehicles waiting or loading on the road (other than in specified bays)
  • stop motor vehicles using the high street to allow safer use by pedestrians.

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