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Rule 2 – medical or social needs form

Please read the following information before completing the Rule 2 form.

An application may be made under Rule 2 if your child has a medical or social need or disability and needs to attend a specific school. Please be aware that few applications under Rule 2 are agreed.

Rule 2 applications will only be considered at the time of the initial application, unless there has been a significant and exceptional change of circumstances within the family since the initial application was submitted.

All schools in Hertfordshire have experience in dealing with children with diverse social and medical needs. However, in a few very exceptional cases, there are reasons why a child has to go to one specific school. All applications are considered individually but a successful application should include the following:
  • Specific recent professional evidence that justifies why only one school can meet a child’s individual needs, and/or.
  • Professional evidence that outlines exceptional family circumstances making clear why only one school can meet the child’s needs.
  • If the requested school is not the nearest school to the child’s home address clear reasons why the nearest school is not appropriate.
  • For medical cases – a clear explanation of why the child’s severity of illness or disability makes attendance at a specific school essential.

Evidence should make clear why only one school is appropriate. A Rule 2 application will generally not be upheld in cases where more than one school could meet the child’s need.

In exceptional cases relating to a disability, where more than one school in the county can meet the child’s specific needs, a clear and compelling case can be made for the nearest school with the relevant facilities, environment or location. You must clearly explain why attendance at the nearest school with these facilities is essential.

Applications under Rule 2 will only be considered when supported by recent evidence from a professional involved with the child or family, for example a doctor, psychologist or police officer. The supporting evidence needs to demonstrate why only one named school can meet the social/medical needs of the child.

Applications for children previously 'looked after' but not meeting the specific criteria outlined in Rule 1, may be made under this rule.

Further details on the Rule 2 process can be found in the Rule 2 protocol.

Continuing Interest

Rule 2 applications can only be considered after the initial application stage on the following grounds:
  • There has been a significant and exceptional change of circumstances which prevented a Rule 2 application being made at the time of the school application being submitted. An example of this could be a newly diagnosed medical condition that was not previously in existence.
  • If new evidence is disclosed which was not reasonably available at the time of the original Rule 2 hearing. An example of this could be a medical condition that has changed significantly since the initial Rule 2 hearing.