Hertfordshire Personal Safety Survey


Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Police are undertaking a survey to understand how safe people feel living, working and visiting Hertfordshire. All residents have the right to feel safe and it is only by listening to the lived experiences can we understand what steps we need to take to ensure that this happens.

This survey is open to men and women of all ages and asks a number of questions about how safe you feel and your experiences of personal safety. Responses to this survey are completely anonymous. Please try and answer each question to the best of your knowledge to help us understand your feelings and experiences of safety in Hertfordshire. The survey will remain open until Friday 9th July 2021.

Who can complete the survey?
Men and women of all ages are invited to take part in this survey.

How long will the survey take?
The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

What questions are in the survey?
The survey includes a number of questions about how safe you feel in Hertfordshire, including your personal experiences of safety and barriers to accessing local services and support. Questions are anonymous but if you would prefer not to answer a question, you can select "prefer not to say" from the answer options. There is also a free text section at the end for you to tell us what would make you feel safer. 

Is the survey anonymous?
Yes, the survey is anonymous and no personal data is required to take part in this survey. Participation in the survey is voluntary.

Can I return to the survey to complete it at a later time?
Yes, you can save your progress at any stage and return to the survey by clicking the ‘save and continue later’ button at the bottom of the page.

Who can I contact if I need help with the survey?
If you have any questions about the survey please email CCSU@hertfordshire.gov.uk.