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Young People's Survey 2021

The purpose of this survey is to help us plan and coordinate services for young people in Hertfordshire. We also work with other organisations to do this.

We would like to know what sorts of things affect your life and what you think could be done to create better opportunities for you and others.

The survey is anonymous. You should not include your name, contact details or address.

The survey is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers.

Please answer as many questions as you can. The more detail you provide, the more we can help you and other young people.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Please read each question and tick the boxes that are relevant to you. There are several questions where you will have the opportunity to provide comments, so you can tell us more about your experiences and ideas.

1. How old are you?

Please select your age from the drop-down list below. *


2. How do you identify yourself? *


3. Which school or college do you attend?

Please select your school or college from the drop-down list below. If you are unable to find your school or college from the list, please select 'other'. *


4. Where do you live?

Please select from the drop down list below. *


5. Do you consider yourself to have a special educational need?
If yes, you may want to respond to our alternative survey instead: Young People's SEN Survey 2021 *


6. What is your ethnicity?

Please select your ethnicity from the drop-down list below. *


7. How are you feeling today? *


8. We asked young people during lockdown in 2020 if they were worried about any of the following issues. Please let us know how you feel about them now. Tick all that apply. *

not worrieda bit worriedvery worried
Not being able to go to school / college due to Covid19 sickness / self isolation
Uncertainty about exams and course work
Limits to meeting up with friends
Limits to meeting with my faith community
Limits to meeting up with wider family members
Feeling lonely and isolated from other people
Feeling bored and having nothing to do
Feeling anxious / scared / depressed / angry
Increased tension or arguments with my family
Struggling to make healthy choices around diet, exercise and sleep routines
Struggling to do school or college work at home
Being hungry / not having enough food
Other - please leave a comment below

9. What kinds of groups, projects or clubs do you attend from the list below? Please select the options that are most relevant to the project, group or club that you attend.


10. What groups, projects or clubs would you like to see in your local area, that you do not already attend?

Please select up to 3 answers.


11. Are you currently concerned about any of the following things and are you concerned for the future about any of these things? *

concerned nowconcerned for the futurenot concerned
My education e.g. school / college / university
Getting a job / my future career
Mental health and emotional wellbeing
Physical health
Catching Covid19
Family or friends catching Covid19
Black Lives Matter
Getting involved with crime
Being safe on the streets / in the park
How the Police treat me and my friends
Being safe at home
Internet safety
Relationships with family
Relationships with friends
Relationship with boyfriend / girlfriend
Being bullied
Communicating with others
Exploring identity (including LGBT+)
Body image and appearance
Climate change
Violence against girls and young women
How some boys and men speak to and treat girls and young women
Other - please add a comment below

12. Do you feel that there is enough help and support for you and your friends? *


13. Do you feel like you could access mental health support if you needed it? *


14. If you needed help and support with a particular issue or challenge, do you know how and where to access this? *


15. Who would you most likely go to, to receive help or support for a particular issue? Please select all that apply. *


16. Please use the box below to tell us how we can improve access to help and support for young people.


17. Do you know where to get advice and information that will help you decide what to do when you leave school/college? *


18. Where do you go for help and support regarding education, employment and training?


19. Do you think young people would benefit from information about any of the following?


20. If there is anything else you want to tell us about how we can improve help, support and services for young people across Hertfordshire, please use the box below.

If you want help or support with any issue, please email SfYP@hertfordshire.gov.uk and add "SURVEY HELP" in the subject header. Alternatively, call 0300 123 7538 and a Youth Worker will contact you.

To find out more about Services for Young People please go to www.servicesforyoungpeople.org.