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Questionnaire for people on the waiting list for an autism assessment

Hertfordshire County Council together with East and North Hertfordshire and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust (HPFT) are undertaking a review into the autism assessment pathway and support available following diagnosis in Hertfordshire. 

Hertfordshire is committed to supporting people on the autism spectrum and ensuring they receive support to enable them to live happy, healthy and independent lives within their communities.

This review will focus on adult diagnosis (those aged over 18) and will inform the future delivery of services for people on the autism spectrum.

We will collect information from adults on the waiting list for an autism assessment, adults already diagnosed, families, carers and professionals.

The review aims to:

  • Undertake a detailed review into the current waiting list
  • Understand the experience of those who are waiting for a diagnosis
  • Understand how a diagnosis of autism impacts on a person’s life
  • Understand the experiences of accessing health, social care and education services for a person on the autism spectrum and how this can be improved
  • Explore how diagnostic services could diagnose autism earlier in line with clinical guidance
  • Improve understanding and awareness of autism among healthcare professionals
  • Make recommendations about support available to people following diagnosis and make it more accessible
There is a questionnaire for people who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition and a separate questionnaire for those currently on the waiting list for an autism assessment as well as a carer’s questionnaire.  If you are completing this questionnaire on behalf of someone else, please answer the questions from their perspective. 

Please use this questionnaire to tell us about your experiences.  Your feedback will shape the future delivery of services for people with autism.


What is your gender?


How old are you?


What is your Ethnicity?



Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups


Asian / Asian British


Black / African / Caribbean / Black British


Other ethnic group


What are your current living arrangements?


A child who has been in the care of the local authority for more than 24 hours is known as a ‘looked after child’. Looked after children are also often referred to as ‘children in care’.

Were you a looked after child/child in care?




Current education status


Primary Education


Secondary Education


Did you receive Special Educational Needs and Disability support at school? (SEND)


Did you have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or a Statement of Educational Needs (SEN) at school?


Have you ever been diagnosed with a Learning Disability?


Please tell us your highest level of qualification


Have you ever been arrested or charged with any offence?



What is your current employment status?


Health & Well-being

Do you have any diagnosed conditions?


If yes, do you receive support from any organisations for these conditions?


Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition?


If yes, do you receive support from any organisations for these conditions?


Have you ever undergone a Mental Health Act Assessment?


Are you on any medication?


List any welfare benefits that you receive e.g. Carers Allowance, carers element to Universal Credit, PIP, DLA or ESA


Care & Support

Do you yourself currently have a carer?


Have you ever received support from the Community Mental Health Teams (HPFT)?


Do you currently have a Social Worker?


Have you previously had a Social Worker?


Do you receive care under the Care Programme Approach (CPA)?


What resources have you accessed for support ?


The Wellbeing Service offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and talking therapies such as counselling. A course of treatment is between 6 and 18 sessions.

Have you received any treatment from the Wellbeing Service?


If yes, how many times have you received a course of treatment from the Wellbeing Service within the last 3 years?


Where is your GP based?

District | Towns include


Your experience

Please tell us about your experience of seeking an autism diagnosis. 
What was good?
What could be improved?


What support do you hope or expect to receive after diagnosis?


What would be your top 3 priorities for better support for those with autism in all areas of life in Hertfordshire?


What do you think would improve life for carers and families of people on the autism spectrum?


If you would like to be contacted to discuss the review of autism services in Hertfordshire, please enter your name and contact details here.


Please add any other comments you wish to make?