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Hertfordshire Music Service – Application for financial support for HMS lessons delivered online, in schools or in HMS Music Centres

Please note: our funding is currently fully allocated, and applications received now will join a waiting list.

Level three 25% financial support for music lessons

Hertfordshire Music Service (HMS) operates a generous financial support programme in order to ensure all its services remain inclusive and accessible to all young people in Hertfordshire. HMS believes that cost should not be a barrier to accessing high quality instrumental music tuition.

All financial support options are available to pupils who live in Hertfordshire, attend a Hertfordshire state-maintained school or academy and learn with an HMS instrumental teacher.

Financial support is awarded annually, covering each academic year (September to July), via an online application process, including the submission of appropriate evidence of eligibility (subject to approval from HMS).

A pupil can only receive one level of financial support from HMS at a time.

Eligible families must apply for help before lessons are due to start as funding cannot be backdated or applied retrospectively. Before funding is confirmed by HMS, all pupils must sign up to the HMS music learning agreement. This will ensure all financial support targets genuinely committed pupils and families. Ongoing financial support up to July 2022 is reliant on evidence of good attendance and effort in lessons. HMS also intends to ensure pupils have access to instruments on loan as appropriate.

25% Financial Support:
In order to support families facing short term financial hardship, HMS is making £80,000 of Arts Council funding available for this non-means tested financial support fund.
  • Pupils of any age can apply for a 25% non-means tested financial support for instrumental lessons by completing an application form, including a clear understanding of their level of need. Lessons can be of any length.
  • Schools can refer the parent to the application or complete an application on behalf of a family.
  • Applications will be considered on an individual basis.
  • The financial support would apply to one individual, shared or group lesson with an HMS teacher online, in school or in an HMS Music Centre between 1st September 2021 and 31st July 2022.
  • HMS will operate a waiting list if we receive more applications than the available funding allows.
  • For children already receiving lessons with HMS, we will contact their HMS music teacher for a reference.
The data requested is required to assess your application for financial support and to help set up tuition, and it will be held securely by HMS in line with our privacy notices - Hertfordshire Music Service Privacy Notice

Please complete the questions below as fully as possible.

Thank you.
The Herts Music Service Financial Support Team


1. Your details


2. Details of your music tuition:

Do you currently have music lessons with HMS?


3. Where do the lessons take place? (please give the name of the school, HMS Music Centre, or ‘online’)


If you are having HMS lessons, please describe the activity you are applying for a 25% subsidy for:

Are they Individual, Shared or Group lessons


How long are the lessons each week?


What instrument do you play?


Name of your HMS Music teacher(s)


4. If you are not having lessons with HMS yet, what are you interested in? Please include an instrument and location if you know them, otherwise we can contact you.


5. Have you submitted an application for music lessons with Hertfordshire Music Service?