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Free school meals food voucher enquiries

Your school or college, Hertfordshire County Council and the Family Food Trust will need to access and share personal data of students who are entitled to free school meals (learning support) to enable us to provide food vouchers directly to eligible students. This includes details submitted through this form.

This data will include the name and contact details of each student and the name of the college they attend. All information shared will be used solely for the purpose of distributing food vouchers. No personal information will be shared with any other partner or third party, and data will only be retained for the length of time of the food voucher support offer.

Data will be stored and transferred securely from your college to Hertfordshire County Council and then to the Family Food Trust. If you require additional information or do not wish to be included in this voucher scheme please contact Hertfordshire County Council at cs.enquiries@hertfordshire.gov.uk.  Information on processing personal information can be found in Hertfordshire County Council’s Privacy Policy – contact data.protection@hertfordshire.gov.uk for queries on how your personal information is being used.

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This will be combination of school name and a number - it should be on the email from the school.


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