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Parent Survey


1. Introduction
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This survey is for all parents/carers of children and young people living or educated in Hertfordshire. Covid-19 has been a difficult time for many of us and mental health services and support have often had to be delivered or accessed differently. We want to ensure that we are supporting families across the county as effectively as possible and your answers to these questions will help us to do this.

1. Are you (a) a parent OR (b) a carer/guardian of a child/children?

Please select the option that best describes you.


2. What is your gender?


3. Ethnicity:


4. Number of children:


5. Which age group is your child/children from (please tick all that apply):


6. Do any of your children attend any kind of early years setting (e.g. nursery), education, employment or training?


7. Do you feel like you are aware of a range of self-help techniques for boosting emotional wellbeing?


8. If yes or somewhat, please let us know which self-help techniques you are aware of


9. Where do you currently look to find self-help information about looking after children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing (please select all that apply):


10. If you needed additional support with your child's mental health, where would you go?


11. How well equipped do you feel to look after the emotional wellbeing of your child/children:


12. How confident do you feel that you would know how to respond if your child told you they were struggling to cope/ needed help with their mental health:


13. Anyone can experience thoughts of ending their own life, not just people experiencing mental illness. Were you aware of this?