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The Sustainable Travel Town Programme application

Applicants should refer to the notes in the application pack when completing the form.

1. Applicant


2. Name of scheme [Note 1]


3. Description of area covered (Max 250 words) [Note 2]


4. Town Council area


5. District/ Borough council area


Issues to be addressed by STT (with supporting data applicable) (Max 250 words) [Note 3]


Desired outcomes of STT (Max 250 words) [Note 4]


6. Key time constraints/ opportunities for delivery (Max 100 words) [Note 5]


7. What funding is currently available? (Max 50 words) [Note 6]


8. What opportunities does your organisation have for obtaining/ bidding for additional funding? (Max 250 words) [Note 7]

Local Objectives

9. How do your organisation's objectives support the concept and delievery of the proposed sustainable travel town? (Max 250 words) [Note 8]

Local authority support

10. Does your local town council support the proposal?


11. Does your local district / borough council support the proposal?

Local plan policies

12. How is the concept/ delivery of sustainable travel towns supported in the adopted district/ borough local plan? (Max 250 words) [Note 10]

Local delivery support

13. Which organisation will support the local delivery of measures such as behavioural change programmes? (Max 250 words) [Note 11]


14. What resources does this organisation have to deliver these programmes? (Max 250 words)


15. Please give contact details


16. What support would this organisation require? (Max 250 words)


17. Please give contact details