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The Young People's Health & Wellbeing Survey is an annual survey of secondary school age children in Hertfordshire. The survey is a joint project between Public Health and YC Hertfordshire and is operationally managed by the Public Health Evidence & Intelligence team.

The survey covers a range of topics including demographics, health, wellbeing, smoking, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, safety, and school.

To request the latest list of questions or for general queries please email PH.Intelligence@hertfordshire.gov.uk

If you wish to request a change or addition to the survey please fill in the below form.

Note that survey must balance the information needs of many groups and increasing the length of the survey will affect data quality. Therefore, changes will only be made where is there is a clear and evidenced need for information, the changes are judged to be appropriate for the survey, and where the project group in charge of the survey agrees. The project group has final say in what, if any, alterations will be made to the survey, including the wording of questions and answers. A contribution to cover the additional costs of altering the survey and any additional analysis may be sought.  

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